As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, our focus is on the wellbeing of our residents and employees. We are following government guidance and taking additional steps to minimise the risk of any outbreak in our homes. Please call the home on 01179 873 540 if you would like to arrange a visit or have further questions.

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Griffiths House

Griffiths House, Cote House Lane
Westbury on Trym, Bristol BS9 3UW

Telephone: 0117 989 8500



Each member of our dedicated team has significant experience caring for residents with dementia. We look beyond the condition and develop a supportive relationship with each individual, getting to know their life history and the person they were before they developed dementia, helping them to live a full and independent life as much as possible.

Because Griffiths House offers just eight bedrooms, we have been able to create a home from home environment that is safe, calm and relaxing. The quality of life for each of our residents is paramount and as such the individuals who live at Griffiths House will be those who benefit most from this particular setting.

Each resident has a bespoke activity programme, designed by our in-house activities coordinator, which aims to stimulate social interaction and help build purposeful relationships. We welcome input from family and friends to ensure that each resident has a programme tailored to their personality and ability, and that reflects positively on their life before dementia.

We empower residents to participate in developing their care plans and we involve them in decisions about their care, supporting them to make choices and retain their independence. We are equally dedicated to supporting the family through this journey as well as the resident, and we actively encourage family and friends to become part of this small community.

Griffiths House


We listen carefully to our residents and their families and we constantly strive to exceed expectations. Read on to find out what our residents and their families say about us...

""This afternoon I put on a special birthday party for NK (Griffiths House resident) and the ladies in GH. NK was elated and could not stop smiling. She thanked me and said to me 'this is the best birthday party I have had in a long time. You made the day so special for me. I am in shock about the effort you made. I could jump for joy"
Compliment documented by SG, Wellbeing Coordinator. March 2022
Compliment from NK, Griffiths House Resident

""Dear Charlene, Thank you for your email and particularly mentioning the clothes. She was so pleased with the last ones. We were delighted to hear her. She seems very settled in Griffiths House with you all. Please pass on our thanks to everyone for your love and kindness to DS. You have all made such a difference to her."
January 2022"
Compliment from Sister in law of DS, GH Resident

""BH's daughter has passed on a massive thank you and said how lovely it was to see her Mum in her bedroom on Wednesday. She has said about the bedroom how lovely it is with her belonging and the warm feeling. She is so grateful to all of the staff who support BH." September 2021
Compliment from daughter of BH, GH Resident

""DS (GH resident) has personally asked for the staff member OW by name. Denise said OW is a lovely and kind person who is always smiling and helping people. DS said that OW has a spark about her that makes her such a beautiful person. DS has asked if whenever OW is free to come over and see her as she enjoys her company so much." August 2021
Compliment from GH Resident DS to the GH care team about OW, Carer in both homes

""IR expressed how the singer really took him back to his past, he really enjoyed being able to reminisce and informed his friend how lovely it was."
Comment regarding guest musician. July 2021"
Compliment from IR, GH Resident. Documented by BC, Care Team Leader

""BH was very complimentary about living in Griffiths House. BH says the staff are all lovely and always so helpful. BH also likes her room, says she always sleeps so well in her bed and enjoys the food."
May 2021"
Compliment from BH, GH Resident. Documented by BC, Carer in GH

""How fabulous. Lovely to FaceTime this morning. Thank you for all you do."
Regarding Birthday party put on for resident. May 2021"
Daughter of GG, GH Resident

""We send our love and thanks to you all for the wonderful care that you gave to BM over the two and a half years she was with you. You are all amazing! We really appreciate the way you helped Mum to cope with her Alzheimer's disease as she went through many highs and lows and gave you many challenges. She was a true character and a lovely Mum."
March 2021"
Daughter of BM, GH Resident, Bristol

""Dear Staff members, Thank you so much for caring for BM and all the residents in such an amazing way and for keeping in touch with us by email and Instagram. We really appreciate it. Thanks again for all your dedication above and beyond the call of duty. We are looking forward to the day when we can visit again."
March 2021"
Daughter of BM, GH Resident, Bristol

""Dear Griffiths House staff, A big thank you from us as a family to you all for your care and dedication to the residents and especially to BM who I know can employ all your considerable skills every day."
March 2021"
Daughter of BM, GH Resident, Bristol

""My sister and I can't thank you enough for your care and support to our lovely Mum and my dear mother and law, who I miss dearly."
March 2021"
Daughter in law of GH Resident and Daughter of KH Resident, Bristol

""It's fantastic to hear Mum playing the piano again. Thank you."
March, 2021"
Daughter of NK, GH Resident, Bristol

""Keith and I can't thank you enough for your wonderful care and kindness to both our Mums. This has inevitably been the worst year ever, especially for key workers like yourselves. You are all amazing. We are in awe of your dedication even when facing possible infection and problems for yourselves."
December 2020"
Daughter in Law of RR, Bristol

""Thank you all from both homes for all the wonderful work that you have done, looking after all of the residents and each other. We're very grateful and we appreciate it so thank you very much. We wish you a very happy Christmas."
December 2020"
Daughter of BM, Bristol

""Wishing all the residents of Griffiths House and Katherine House a great Christmas and to all of the staff, thank you so so much for all of the loving care you give to my Mum and the other residents. It's been a tremendously difficult year. You're fantastic at the best of times but this year, you've knocked it out the park. Thank you."
December 2020"
Son of BM, Bristol

""Thank you very much for looking after myself and our families so well."
June 2020"
JM, GH Resident, Bristol

""I think the staff are very nice and very helpful and everything can't be better really. They all do their best don't they."
June 2020"
RR, GH Resident, Bristol

""I would like to say a great big thank you to everybody there, that's carers, the activities staff and admin, everyone who helps to look after all of the residents. We know that Mum is being looked after the best way possible. Really appreciate you"
June 2020"
Daughter of JM, Bristol

""Thank you to the staff in both Griffiths House and Katherine House for the fantastic care they give my Mum and the other residents. Wonderful at the best of times but in these difficult times, truly outstanding. You're heroes and I can't thank you enough or tell you how much we really appreciate you."
June 2020
Son of BM, Bristol

"To Everyone at Katherine and Griffiths House,

Just a very quick email to say a big 'Thank You' to you all for all your hard work and continual care for my Mum and all the other residents.

I imagine at times it has been very difficult and frightening.... you are all really appreciated.

My sister passes on anything we need to know and it was lovely to see the pictures of Mum taken on her birthday... Thank you.
Daughter of JP, Bristol

"I would like to thank Katherine and Griffiths House for looking after all my Mum's needs. For understanding her dementia. Mum always says she is happy and over cared for, I couldn't wish for more. All the family would agree."
Daughter of MA, Bristol

"Griffiths House has a very calm and welcoming feel to it. The staff seem warm and helpful and having peaceful grounds to be able to take a walk in seems ideal."
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards assessor, Bristol

"Griffiths House was recommended to us by a friend who recently retired from a senior role in adult mental health in the NHS. Having visited a few establishments, it was clear that Griffiths House was outstanding. The staff are kind and sensitive in responding to (resident's) needs including taking out for walks when they can. I'm impressed by the many ways the staff find to communicate with her by miming and using cards with words and images on to help her express herself. She has formed definite connections there. She said to us after a few weeks "I have 4 friends" and to see her interacting with the staff demonstrates a level of trust, fondness and connection which is precious."
Daughter in law of LS, Bristol

"As a family we have been so impressed with the care my mother has received in Griffiths House, since she became a resident in April 2018. We as a family feel so reassured that she is safe, happy and settled. The home is always pristine and staff are amazing. Thank you for everything everyone does to support her in her care. "
Son of MW, Bristol

"My mother being there gave me peace of mind,knowing that she was being so well cared for in wonderful surroundings,by the excellent team of staff.The food is of excellent quality & plentiful; the range of activities & events cater for everyone.
Thank you to everyone who cared for her
Daughter of AB, Bristol


Creating an inviting, safe and calm home-from-home environment is an important factor in enabling those living with dementia to live life to the fullest...


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Griffiths House is part of the Cote Charity, which for more than forty years has provided retirement housing and a range of care options for older people in Bristol. The charity was founded in 1955...

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